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rgb mda cga ega to vga converter for industrial monitor repair gbs8219

Widely used in Siemens SIMATIC S5 6AV1242-0AB10 RGB monitor repaired or replace CGA Monitor Replacement EGA Monitor Replacement Monochrome MDA Monitor Replacement Mitsubishi CNC Monitors replacement Siemens industrial monitors replacement num 760 monitor replacement etc. An innovative industrial Video Converter fully automated operation convert all Rgbhv Rgbs Rgb MDA CGA EGA signal to VGA signal for various kinds of FHKD such as Digital Control Machine Tool Display DCS Display injection molding machine analytical instrument Specialized Display of navigation and import production line armamentarium Specialized Display of airport railway and financial facility Special size Display Specialized Display of imported PSP Bowling and other recreational facilities...etc. - Input signal format: MDA / CGA / EGA / RGB Sog / RGBS / RGBHV / YPbPr - Input analog: 0.5~1.0 / TTL: 3~5V - Output format: standard VGA; Resolution: 800 x 600 / 60Hz - Support 12k to 40k video signal auto identify; Unlimited field frequency - Support interlaced and progressive scan mode - Support vertical resolution from 200~600 lines auto identify - Support all vertical resolution auto identify - Support synchronizing signal separation and composition and synchronizing signal compistion on video signal auto identify - DC 12V: power input DC 12V voltage current: >=1A - MENU +/-: Menu key +/- for moving cursor or change value - VGA OUT: VGA signal output port can connect to LCD or VGA device - VIDEO IN: 9pin signal input interface - V: Field synchronizing signal - H/CS: Line synchronizing signal or a composite synchronizing signal - R/Pr: red signal or PR signal - G/Y: green signal or Y signal - B/Pb: blue signal or Pb signal - RUN: indicator

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